Guidance & Event Participation

We guide students as they embark on educational adventures. Given they are not familiar with the environment which they are visiting, we use our knowledge and experience to advise and guide them. This fosters a safer environment for them to learn and explore. These include participating organisations such as games and tournaments. We make sure their participation progresses without any issues and they make the most of their experience.

Accommodation & Food

Two of the key elements that students and teachers are concerned with are accommodation and food. Based on our extensive knowledge and experience, we plan tours in a way that ensures our students are provided with safe, clean and comfortable accommodation as well as quality food. This way they can focus on their activities and experiences with a clear mind.

Visa applications & Travel Insurance

Many destinations may require a visa for visitors and the applications in this regard can quickly get quite complicated. Another aspect that can be difficult to navigate through for students is travel insurance. We guide students to complete their visa applications appropriately and to obtain any required valid travel insurance policies. In other words we assist you to facilitate the process as much as we can.

Tickets & Transfers

Buying plane tickets and arranging the necessary transfers prior to or following a flight requires careful planning. We are highly experienced in planning the entire travelling process in a way that students enjoy a smooth and well-organised tour.


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